Last updated Number of students accepted at the world accredited Universities within the HCED program: 29 students in Southern Illinois University Carbondale - 22 students in Florida Institute of Technology - 20 students in University of Central Florida - 18 students in University of Bridgeport - 13 students in University of Kentucky - 11 students in Gannon University - 13 students in University of Missouri Columbia - 13 students in Kent state University - 12 students in Valparaiso University - 11 students in University of Iowa - 7 students in Youngstown state University - 7 students in West Virginia University - 9 students in California state University Fullerton - 6 students in Winthrop University - 7 students in Monterey Institute of International Studies - 14 students in Michigan state University - 5 students in Oregon state University - 4 students in Ohio University - 9 students in The University of Arkansas Fayetteville - 12 students in University of Kansas - 4 students in University of Colorado Denver - 7 students in The state University of New York at Buffalo - 5 students in Emporia state University - 3 students in St. Michael’s College - 3 students in University of Wisconsin at Madison - 3 students in The University of North Carolina at Greensboro - 2 students in University of Central Missouri - 3 students in Troy University - 1 students in University of Missouri at St. Louis - 2 students in Virginia Commonwealth University - 2 students in Embry Riddle - 1 students in Southern Illinois Edwards Ville - 7 students in Texas A & M University - 1 students in Golden Gate University - 2 students in University of Texas at Austin - 1 students in Clemson University - 27 students in University of Salford - 13 students in University of Nottingham - 13 students in Newcastle University - 8 students in University of Southampton - 14 students in University of Sheffield - 4 students in University of Glasgow - 8 students in University of Manchester - 4 students in University of Exeter - 6 students in Bangor University - 4 students in Sheffield Hallam University - 3 students in University of Birmingham - 7 students in University of Portsmouth - 2 students in University of Hull - 3 students in University of Leeds - 7 students in University of Leicester - 1 students in Coventry University - 2 students in University of Liverpool - 1 students in University of Buckingham - 2 students in Marshall University - 1 students in Oklahoma City University - 1 students in Portland State University - 1 students in Queen's University Belfast - 16 students in Rutgers, The State University of New Jersy - 6 students in University College London - 1 students in University of Bradford - 4 students in University of Evansville - 1 students in University of London: ST George's Hospital School - 8 students in University of South Carolina - 1 students in University of Surrey - 1 students in University of Toledo - 2 students in University of Warwick - 2 students in University of Wyoming - 4 students in Wayne State University - 2 students in Western Michigan University.

Questions related to the scholarship program and the mechanism for joining the scholarship program. :

  • Why an admission from a university sometimes gets delayed while my other colleagues have already started their study program?
  • The reason for the delay is that sometimes it is hard to get an admission for certain fields of study like medicine and biological studies and especially for doctorate degree. If the student has a (GRE) and TOEFL certificates with high scores, then this is considered one of the factors that makes the process of getting an admission much faster.
  • Can the student specifies the university to which he wants to study at?
  • The Higher Committee board will try to approach a number of universities based on the field of study for each student. Some universities provide admissions in a short period of time while other admissions might be delayed by other universities depending on the case of each student. The student will be notified of his admission results and he has to decide within a period of one week. Because the time for applying at some universities is different and does not match the Higher Committee’s time for applying, best and faster available options will be considered.
  • Does receiving an initial admission from a university mean that the applying phase is concluded and that I have to get prepared for travel and join the study programs?
  • Steps for applying at a university are:
    1. Receiving an offer letter to study English and academic programs in accordance with study rules and degree seeking.
    2. Receiving the original admission paperwork from the university.
    3. Issuing the scholarship appending decision letter and applying for visa for the country of study.
    4. Completing the guarantee paperwork and issuing the visa.
    5. Signing HCED study contract provided that guarantee and visa paperwork is done.
    6. Issuing the travel resolution.

    The period for each article listed above depends on the case of each student and the type of guarantee (Personal or Real Estate) as well as visa procedures for the country of study.

  • How long does it take for the overall process of getting an admission from the international universities till completing the visa and travelling procedures for scholarship program nominated students?
  • This period depends on the field of study, university and student’s qualifications and it takes between (6-12) months.
  • For the study certificates that had been issued outside Iraq, how it will be processed?
  • Official documents will be considered only if an equivalent certificate is to be provided by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and according to the rules in effect.
  • When can we start the study leave procedures, especially it takes a period of time?
  • A letter of your nomination will be sent to your agencies and if your agency does not have any objection, then we will proceed with other scholarship related procedures till the student gets the travel resolution. The latter will be used to process student’s study leave procedures.
  • If I have been called for an interview at HCED, does that mean I have been accepted in the scholarship program?
  • No. Applicants from each province having high scores will be interviewed and when the interviews are over, we’ll conduct a new automatic filtering for the scores based on a 100 score reference. The results will be published on the website and according to the share of each province.
  • If I haven’t been interviewed, does that mean I can’t make use of the scholarship program?
  • The interviews will continue for the students having high scores until reaching the target number of students for the scholarship program based on the required conditions. Other applicants will be considered for the future scholarship programs.
  • Who can apply to the scholarship program of the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq?
  • Any Iraqi citizen can apply whether he is employed in a government agency or not provided that the applicant should meet all the rules and conditions for applying mentioned in the website.
  • How the scholarship seats will be distributed among the provinces?
  • Scholarship seats will be distributed based on the population of each province and that is according to the applicant’s current address, ration card and any other proof required by the board of directors.
  • Sometimes there is a difficulty in communication between the Higher Committee and Kurdistan agencies especially between our universities and the Ministry of Higher Education in Kurdistan?
  • We will work to cooperate with Kurdistan region and through official paperwork after the issuance of the scholarship program letter of appending.
  • If the student was employed in the university as an assistant lecturer and he hasn’t completed two years of actual service after his last study certificate. Is the student is eligible to be paid half of his basic salary with the extra allowances?
  • Salary and extra allowances are related to your agency and based on the rules and regulations in effect.
  • Can the applicant withdraws from the scholarship program?
  • It is not possible to withdraw from the study seat that has been assigned to the student within the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq (HCED) scholarship program / Prime Minister’s Office outside the timeframe specified by the board of directors itself in order to ensure a smooth implementation of the scholarship program and best use of available resources and opportunities offered to our students. Otherwise, legal and administrative rules and regulations will take place and according to the predefined instructions placed by the board taking into consideration rules in effect and in accordance with the instructions issued under.
  • Are there any legal or administrative consequences in case the student failed to join the scholarship program?
  • In the case of completing all legal and administrative procedures for the student’s scholarship, then the student has to join the scholarship program and within the predetermined legal timeframe. Otherwise, the student will be subjected to all administrative and legal consequences mentioned in the rules in effect and in accordance with the instructions issued under in addition to implementing the articles of the contract signed between the student and HCED and that is to ensure the best use of the governmental resources and efforts being made by HCED staff.